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With increased pressure due to work and life, a need for balance, is far a dream for many. Yoga provides and gives people a sense of tranquility amidst the chaos and demands. Perhaps that is why there is a rise in yoga centers and meditation clinics that offer excursions and weekend getaways to attain peace of mind. Yoga, yoga retreats and meditation tourism is one of the fastest growing types of travel in the world.

Yoga tourism is expanding rapidly all over the world and can also be termed as a vacation aimed at relaxation to relieve the stress and chaos of work and life. Heading to a beach resort offering yoga classes or yoga resorts who dedicate themselves to months of yoga training at ashrams are different forms of this type of tourism. Classes for massages, Reiki, meditation and other relaxation practices are also common for those looking to expand their knowledge and skills.

More and more people are discovering the benefits of a weekly yoga retreats to relieve stress and bring balance into their daily lives. So why not consider combining yoga with a vacation for the ultimate retreat? It’s a trip that can bring health and rejuvenation to the body, mind and spirit. Daily yoga practice combined with time for personal reflection and meditation can provide deep relaxation, allowing visitors to return to their lives rested and fulfilled—complete with skills to make their daily lives better.

Some Tips For Yoga And Meditation Tourism

Follow the given Rules Well: The location changes from retreat to retreat. For example, some yoga retreats take place in Ashrams, while others are at spas and resorts. The most important thing to note is that wherever you choose to go, you follow the rules and guidelines. Be sure to carefully read those rules and guidelines to make sure that you are comfortable following them.

Staying: Staying at Ashrams and Monasteries in the US, India and throughout Asia, are usually free; however, you might be required to participate in daily chores to offset the cost. Some of these Ashrams and Monasteries are the birthplace of various types of yoga. You can also book your stay in a resort, which provides yoga sessions to relax and soothe your mind, or resorts and spas that specialize in yoga and other meditational classes.

Health: Health is an important factor. Make sure that you are properly vaccinated and have health insurance before visiting certain destinations.

Connection:  Communication can be a problem and bit an issue for travelers travelling to remote places.  Not all can afford a satellite phone. So do some research or find a technique to stay connected wherever you go.

A daily meditation practice features the repetition of OM as a universal sacred sound. Other daily sessions include yoga, breathing exercises, creative visualizations, and positive affirmations. Meals are taken in silence, talking is restricted within buildings, and conversations on the grounds are hushed. The quiet atmosphere of Yoga Retreats provides space to be with one’s thoughts, to meditate and reflect. 

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Yoga Provides Relief

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Yoga Provides Relief

This article was published on 2013/08/24