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Yoga is one of the best forms of keeping yourself fit and healthy - both in mind and spirit! There are quite a few styles of Yoga but the most recent one and one of the most popular new age Yoga is the Hot Yoga or the Bikram Yoga! It originated in India but was conceptualized, mastered and brought to the United States by Bikram Chaudhary. Thus, many people now know Hot Yoga as Bikram Yoga. One can see Bikram Yoga studios all over the US. It is now such a famous class that it is trademarked!

Hot Yoga is all about pushing the body to the extreme so as to get maximum benefits out of it - all this in hot temperatures in a hot room! There are some set rules and guidelines of this phenomenon called Hot Yoga:

Tips For Yoga

•The temperature of the room should be nearly 105 F so that the body temperatures rise, more calories are burned and a person sweats more - which is all good and healthy.

•Usually, in traditional Yoga, there are 84 poses both in Bikram Yoga, there are swift 26 poses or asanas. This type of Yoga also included 2 breathing techniques which are very important because they regular the supply of oxygen in your body.

•Usually, these classes are for a total time of 90 minutes and taught/instructed by licensed professionals.

•Students are supposed to perform/practice each pose for 10-20 seconds and repeat all the 26 poses twice in a span of 90 minutes.

•If you know traditional Yoga, you can pick up Bikram Yoga faster because the essence is the same - Hot Yoga is just more vigorous and strenuous.

•It is said that if a person does all the poses in the right manner, he/she can burn up to nearly 600 calories - not to mention muscle toning and strengthening.

•The entire concept of Hot Yoga relies on the fact that if the body is focused and concentrated in one aspect, the mind follows and thus there are no distractions. These 90 minutes, your body and mind should be in tandem!

Try it out for yourself!

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What Is Hot Yoga

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This article was published on 2013/08/10